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Break-out to the regular ticket shop
Break-out to the regular ticket shop

The fallback that offers every visitor a working ticket shop

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If you have integrated the Stager ticket shop into your own website, you naturally want your visitors to stay on your own website as much as possible. Nevertheless, in certain cases we lead a visitor away from your own website, usually to your ticket shop on the domain. We prefer not to do this, but sometimes it is necessary to ensure that every visitor can complete their order.

So keep in mind that, even if you embed a ticket shop on your own website, part of your visitors will “break out” to the regular ticket shop.

There are three situations in which the visitor is automatically redirected by us from your own site.

1. To go to the payment page

In many cases, after the visitor selects a payment method, the payment page opens in a new browser tab. Many banks and credit card companies require this. After the payment has been successfully completed, the page where the visitor can download their tickets will also be shown in this new tab. If the visitor then clicks away from this new tab, they will return to your website.

2. To support mobile users

When a visitor is detected viewing the embedded ticket shop on a mobile device, they will be automatically redirected (“breaking out”) to the Stager ticket shop. We do this because ticket shops that are integrated with an iFrame usually don't work well on mobile. The Stager ticket shop is optimized for mobile use.

3. Because the browser blocks our cookies

Another important reason for breaking out is that the user's browser does not allow our cookies when our ticket shop is embedded in another site (remember: no order can be taken without cookies). And browsers are doing this increasingly: by blocking '3rd party cookies', browsers want to better protect the privacy of users.

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