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How do you send emails with Stager?

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You can use Stager to send emails to individual contacts, but also to large groups of contacts in bulk. You use it for update and service emails, but also newsletters and other marketing emails.

Select a target group

You start by selecting contacts. Under Marketing - Contacts - Audiences find your target group. These can be all opt-in newsletter subscriptions or for everyone who has tickets for an upcoming show. Select the list of contacts and choose to email them via Stager.

Formatting a mail

After you have selected the contacts, choose whether you want to use a mail template. Choose 'From scratch' to build your own email without a template. Format the email to your own taste with:

  • Customized colours, logos and design

  • Components

  • Sales tracking

If you are satisfied with your email, save it as a draft. This way you (or a colleague) can read and send it later. If you have created a service email that you will use more often, save the email as a template. The next time you format an email, you can choose this email template.


First send a test email to yourself. Please note, if you use placeholders (such as {{first_name}}) then they will also be displayed without a name entered. In the actual mail there is a recipient and a name is entered. Is the mail ready? Send the mail immediately or choose Schedule mailing to send the mail at a later time.

After sending, you will see the statistics in the mail overview.

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