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An event does not appear on the website
An event does not appear on the website

Even though the record is linked through the feed from Stager.

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By linking the feed you automatically publish information from Stager on your website. But Stager does not automatically make all data entered available to the outside world.

To add publicity and ticketing information for an event to the feed, the following must be set up correctly:

  • First of all don’t forget to enter information in the sections Events - Publicity and the tickets!

  • Then you must set the Status of the event to Confirmed or Cancelled in Event - Main. Events that are status Option or To be confirmed are not sent to the feed.

  • At Event - Publicity you indicate how and where you want to publish the information. Check the specific publication channel, for example 'Feed'.

  • Tick the box to confirm the event should be published.

  • Make sure the Publish on date is not in the future. Then the information will only be included in the feed later, on the given date.

If you are publishing to a 3rd party site and the event is not (correctly) published, please contact the relevant party. Stager only facilitates the link and has no influence on what is, or is not, published.

Test if Stager works correctly

We sometimes get a message that no information is being published from Stager to a website. You can check the content of the feed yourself, if you can read through the software code.

Go to Settings - Integrations - Publication Channels and choose the channel used. Use the token you find there to log into Swagger. With Swagger you can read the feed via: Here you search for organizer or event ID, among other things, to check whether information is published properly.

Problem still not solved? Please contact Stager support.

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