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FAQ and Best Practices
FAQ and Best Practices
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How do I export barcodes?Export an overview of barcodes per date, user or event.
How can I revoke shared tickets?Withdrawing a shared ticket link
Sell tickets with delayed download via TicketSwapSell your tickets as Sealed tickets via TicketSwap
Why can't members purchase Membership tickets?Members who cannot buy cheap, or free tickets online.
How can I resend a ticket?When a ticket buyer has lost their ticket.
Why don't I see an event or the tickets in the ticket shop?Why don't I see an event or the tickets in the ticket shop?
How do I set the limits for a ticket category?Divide ticket amounts by ticket type.
How can I see how many tickets have been sold?What are the ticket sales overviews?
How can I rebook tickets?Exchange or return tickets.
A ticket buyer has paid, but has not received a ticket. How is that possible?How can a ticket buyer find their ticket?
Lots of tickets have RESERVED status. Why is that?Reserved status in ticket management.
How can I create separate PDFs from a file with multiple tickets?Splitting multiple tickets in one order.
How do I link a payment to an order?How you read the payment reference.
How can I rotate a Boca ticket 180°?The Boca ticket prints “upside down”, how do I correct this?
Selling year, or season tickets through StagerUsing memberships to sell this service through the ticket shop.
Create tickets for a multi-day festivalHow do I sell passe-partout tickets for several days?
Create tickets for a multi-day festival at different locationsPasse-partout tickets for various locations.
Create tickets for multiple days, multiple locations and guaranteed reserved seatsPasse-partouts, day tickets and reserved capacity.
How do I organize physical presales?How can I offer physical tickets at the presale address?
Selling time slots in the ticket shopSelling tickets that provide access for a specific time period.
Download receipt for bought ticketsTo use as invoice in an administration