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Opt-ins: allowing ticket buyers to give permission for mailings
Opt-ins: allowing ticket buyers to give permission for mailings

When can you send potential ticket buyers a mailing?

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In many cases, organizations need to ask ticket buyers additional questions during the registration process. For example, whether ticket buyers can be approached by a sponsor, or whether they are customers of a certain company and therefore want to receive discounts.

Under Settings - Marketing you will find Opt-in. Here you can manage what are known as opt-ins. Through an opt-in, ticket buyers are asked to confirm via a checkbox during the registration their mailing preferences. This preference is stored in the buyer's profile. Once an opt-in has been created, it cannot be renamed. Ticket buyers agree to a specific opt-in. Buyers can update their opt-in preferences via the Personal Information in their Visitor Account or via the 'unsubscribe and manage opt-in' link that is added at the bottom of a mailing.

Stager only has an opt-in functionality and no opt-out. This means that relationships have no check mark by default and must be actively checked.


There are three ways to register for opt-ins:

  • During the registration process. When a ticket buyer registers as a new visitor, the option to confirm any opt-ins is offered.

  • During the ordering process. If a ticket buyer has not yet checked any opt-ins, they will appear unchecked on the overview page.

  • Through your own website. Create an option for your website visitors to leave their email address to receive mailings. Stager then sends them a verification email and via a link in that email, the visitor can tick the opt-ins to sign up for a mailing.

You need the Opt-In API key for this last option: this allows visitors to pass on opt-ins (e.g. mailing list registrations) from your own website. Read more about this integration in a separate article. Pass this information on to your website developer or system administrator to connect Stager to your website.

Under Marketing - Contacts - Search Audiences it is possible to search specifically for people who have recently created an account and have ticked a certain opt-in. Are you sending a marketing email? Don't forget to select the opt-in where visitors give permission to be emailed.

Contacts who have already unsubscribed from an opt-in and have no other opt-ins enabled, can unsubscribe completely from targeted mailings. They will automatically be filtered out of a mail group and will only receive automatic (ticket) mails.

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