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A ticket buyer has paid, but has not received a ticket. How is that possible?
A ticket buyer has paid, but has not received a ticket. How is that possible?

How can a ticket buyer find their ticket?

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It is possible that ticket buyers have made a payment, but have not received any tickets. This happens for various reasons.

  • The ticket mail has ended up in the SPAM box.

  • The ticket buyer has entered an incorrect email address.

  • The ticket buyer has taken too long to make a payment.

  • A malfunction with the payment platform.

In some cases, you can easily resolve the issue yourself by resending the tickets through the Stager website.

When ticket buyers report payments made without tickets being issued and your order cannot be found in Tickets - Ticket Management, please contact Stager.

Ticket mail has ended up in the SPAM box

It can happen that a ticket buyer pays and does not return to the download screen. As a precaution, Stager always sends an email with the ticket link, but the ticket buyer may miss seeing the email in their inbox. Emails from Stager can now and then end up in the SPAM box.

To reduce the chance of your emails ending up in a SPAM box, you can adjust the SPF records of your domain and verify the domain.

Wrong email address entered

Sometimes people enter an incorrect email address (or even type the same errors when confirming their email address). In that case you will receive an error message at the email address specified as Tickets from address at Settings - Ticketing - Ticketshops.

It's easy to resend tickets through Stager. You can read how to do that here. Please change the wrong email address in Contacts first.

Exceeding the time limit

Visitors are given 15 minutes to fully complete the ordering process and purchase a ticket. If they exceed that time limit, and there are still enough tickets available (more than 70%), a ticket will still be issued. When tickets are almost sold out, we cannot hold the tickets indefinitely. If visitors are already in the payment environment of their bank or credit card, Stager cannot abort the transaction. It is therefore possible that a visitor pays, but does not receive a ticket. Stager will then refund the full amount and inform the ticket buyer of this.

Payment platform malfunction

A malfunction may prevent communication between the bank or credit card company, the Payment Service Provider and Stager. There are a lot of automatic checks that keep track of whether orders have been completed or whether a payment is also part of an order. If payment has been made but no tickets have been issued, the payment will be automatically refunded.

If there is a technical problem that causes no tickets to be issued for a payment, visitors are requested to create and pay for a new order. The full purchase amount for all tickets will also be refunded.

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