Create and assign jobs for personnel

Ensuring the right staff are scheduled for each function.

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You schedule employees to the jobs you want them assigned to. This way you ensure the right people for each position, and they can indicate their availability online. Read on to see how to add them to the workforce.

Creating personnel roles

At Settings - Planning - Personnel - Roles you create all the different roles that exist in your organization. Each role also belongs to a group, so you can easily filter on, for example, all shifts for the technical crew or the door team.

Assigning roles

After creating the roles, you assign them to the right people. At Marketing - Contacts you look up individual members of staff. Create a record if they are not yet in your database. Open the contact record and check off the appropriate roles for this person.

You can also assign functions in bulk. Select a group of contacts and choose Edit - Add in the yellow bar to add functions to the entire group.

The employee can only be scheduled for functions that have been assigned to them. They can also indicate their own availability for these services.

When you delete a role or even the contact, that person will remain scheduled for future shifts. Records of worked shifts are not adjusted either.

Security certificates

For each contact record, complete the Security certificates that a staff member has. This means you can see if a production has a certified emergency response officer, for example. These certificates cannot be edited in bulk.

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