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Creating shifts with the planning board (Personnel)
Creating shifts with the planning board (Personnel)

Shifts independent of events

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There are two ways to schedule staff:

  • For each event, via Event - Personnel (Cool & Awesome package). Read more here.

  • With the planning board, in a large daily, weekly, or monthly overview, via Personnel (Awesome package). Here, you can also schedule shifts that are not event related. Read further in this article.

Schedule using the day/week/month overview

Scheduling staff sometimes requires a wider overview than you find in Planning - Events - Personnel. That is why we made an extensive planning board, where you can create shifts for each day, week, or month, assign shifts, and fill gaps in the planning.

You can use an overview showing staff hours worked each month. You can see in detail which shifts there are for each week, or day. The colour indicates to which personnel group a shift belongs. If the colour is a lighter tone, the shift is not yet filled. You filter by status, role or group. This way you can see at a glance which shifts are still open or what you can expect from each team.

Creating shifts

When you create a shift in the planning board, a pop-up screen will appear. The screen lets you adjust the times, link the shift to an event, adjust the planning status and assign employees to that shift. When the Send notification checkbox is checked, the employee receives an email with information about this shift.

If employees have made themselves available, they will appear at the top of the selection menu for the service. You can then choose from those who have indicated they want to work. When there is a smiley emoticon (πŸ˜„ ) behind a name, this person has indicated they prefer this shift in the visitor account, by clicking on the thumb (πŸ‘ ). The selection menu also shows when an employee is available, but is already scheduled for another shift: Available - scheduled.

As long as the status of the shift shows Availability, the shift will be offered to employees. When you schedule staff, the status automatically changes to None.


There are three types of notifications in the planning board:

  • Overlap notification - an exclamation mark indicates that the employee is also scheduled for another shift at the same time.

  • Availability notification - an asterisk indicates that people have made themselves available for a particular shift.

  • Unfilled shifts have a lighter colour, meaning you can see at a glance which shifts still need to be fulfilled.


The planning board has different ways to navigate between "viewing modes", events and schedules, to see and compile information.

  • All dates are clickable and take you to the desired date in the day planner.

  • All events are "clickable" and take you to the Personnel tab of the relevant event.

  • If you click on an employee's name in the monthly overview, you will be taken directly to their contact page in the database.

  • In the week planner you can click in the space under a shift to create a shift for that day.

Services are only visible to staff online when the event is status Confirmed or To be confirmed under Event - Main. In this way you can request the availability of employees for events that will definitely, or are likely to take place.

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