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Make a Contact account for shifts
Make a Contact account for shifts

Log in to the ticket shop with an account to specify availability for, and viewing, shifts.

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To indicate your availability online or to view your shifts, you must be able to log in to the ticket shop. Anyone who is classed as a contact in Stager can log into the ticket shop. As soon as personnel functions are checked under a contact, you can see potential shifts online. These additional options will appear in the menu of the ticket shop:

  • Claim a shift.

  • My availability.

  • My shifts.

View the roster

Anyone who can be scheduled for shifts can find the overview in the ticket shop. Log in and go to Menu - My Services. Yo can also use the following link:


Please fill in the correct name in the place of the square brackets.

Specify availability

If an organization creates open shifts, it is possible that staff themselves can indicate their availability. They can indicate their availability per day or per event. If multiple shifts are open, a contact can indicate preference by clicking on a thumb next to the shift πŸ‘ As an organizer, you set whether this is possible per event or whether it is also possible to indicate within which times someone is available. Contacts go to Menu - My Availability or the following link:


Fill in the name of the organization between the brackets.

Claiming a shift

A contact can immediately take a shift that is open. This is done via Menu - Take a shift or the link below. The difference between specifying availability and taking a shift is that in the first case the organizer schedules and confirms the desired person. Via 'Get a service' the shift is confirmed without in real time the intervention of a planner.


Employees can see who is working or available by clicking the INFO button on the various Shift pages.

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