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How does Contacts work?
How does Contacts work?

What's the easiest way to use the CRM?

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Marketing - Contacts is your complete customer relation management system. Contacts are linked to modules and functions of Stager and therefore appear in various places throughout the system. A contact always consists of a name and an email address - a unique record in your Stager environment.

New contacts

Contacts can end up in in Stager in seven different ways. This can be seen in the Source - at the very bottom of the contact's page.

  • Newsletter: the contact subscribed to a newsletter through Stager's subscription module.

  • Websales: the contact purchased an online ticket and created an online ticket account.

  • Manual: the contact was entered manually by a Stager user.

  • Import: contacts imported into the database using Contacts - Import.

  • Guest list: the contact was put on a guest list with an email address.

  • TicketSwap: the contact bought a ticket via TicketSwap.

  • Ticket import: imported tickets linked to an email address and name.

Grouping contacts

There are three ways to group your contacts in Contacts.

  • Through contact types created in Settings - Marketing - Contact Types.

  • Employee roles created in Settings - Planning - Personnel roles.

  • Based on Interests, created in Settings - Marketing - Customer Interests.

This allows you to carry out extensive and refined searches via Marketing - Contacts - Audience.

For example, one search query can find all your sponsors who like reggae: which you can then email or export to an Excel or CSV file.

You can edit multiple contacts at once with the Bulk edit feature. Carry out a search and choose Add at the bottom of the search result to add information, or Overwrite to overwrite information.

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