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How to link a contact in Stager to a contact account?
How to link a contact in Stager to a contact account?

Make sure that employees and members who are logged in to the ticket shop can see the correct information.

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You want employees to schedule themselves for shifts or specify their availability. Or you want a group of VIPs to be able to purchase free or discounted tickets through Memberships. In both cases, visitors can do this using a visitor account, which they access by logging in via the ticket shop. You can already import the employees and VIPS into Contacts in the Stager Backstage and give them the right functions or memberships. The contacts can then create their own personal account and password using the ticket shop. Stager adds the existing contact record based on the given email address.

This is only needed for employees or contacts with a Membership.

  • Go to (Enter the name of your own organization at "organization").

  • Enter your personal details and use the email address where you received the email. Your account will be linked based on this email address. (IMPORTANT!). Click on 'save'.

  • You will receive an email from Stager at the specified email address with the request to create an account.

  • Click the button link in the mail to verify the address and enter a password.

  • You can now access your personal account to obtain free, or discounted tickets, or claim a personnel shift. You can also manage your visitor interests and your subscription to newsletters here. If you have a specific membership set up, you can also get free, or membership discounted tickets via this login.

If this procedure does not work immediately, click on "Forgot your password?" on the login page ( to create a new password. (Enter the name of your own organization at "organization").

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