Refunding tickets

How to refund tickets.

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You can pay back tickets in a few clicks; directly from the backstage or manually, via the bank. If you perform the refund through Stager, the money that will be refunded will be taken from your Adyen account.

You can start the refund procedure in the following ways:

  • In Ticket Management, click on Refund all.

    This is best used when an event is cancelled. We automatically filter out all tickets that cannot be refunded by Stager.

  • In Ticket Management, select the tickets you want to refund and click Actions - Refund.

  • You search for an order via Orders, select the tickets you want to refund and click on Actions - Refund.

    Useful when refunding an order that contains tickets for multiple events.

In the next step you select whether you want the refund to be performed Automatically by Stager or Manually by me. You can choose to refund the entire ticket price plus service fee or just the ticket price.

If Stager performs the refund, there are costs involved. Manual refunds are, of course, free of charge.

Automatically by Stager

These are for refunds where the order is given by a user and the actual refund is performed by Stager, “behind the scenes”. Click through to the next page to see the overview before you refund the tickets:

  • Tickets selected for refund: the number of tickets you have selected.

  • Tickets to refund: the number of selected tickets minus the number of filtered out tickets that cannot be refunded by Stager.

  • Total amount to be refunded incl. / excl. service fee: the total amount that will be refunded.

  • Refunds costs incl. VAT: the Stager costs for performing the refund. The costs are immediately debited from your account and the monthly overview of refund costs can be found on the receipt and in Reports.

  • Account balance: the amount currently on your account.

  • Minimum balance: the balance that remains on your account when you perform a refund.

  • Refund request by: the person who orders a refund.

  • Description: (possibly) added information, which can be found on the Refunds page.

It is possible to immediately block tickets while refunding and therefore make them invalid. The amount will be transferred to the bank account of the ticket buyer within three days at the latest.

A new ticket is generated for every ticket that is blocked. If you don't want new tickets to be bought, make sure your ticket sales are offline!

There are several reasons why tickets are filtered out. You may have to pay back these tickets manually. These tickets are:

  • Bought at the door

  • Swapped using Ticketswap

  • Bought with a credit card more than 180 days ago

  • Blocked

  • Imported

  • Already refunded

  • Paid for with the previous payment service provider, MSP

If for any reason a ticket cannot be refunded by Stager after the order has been initiated, we will let you know by email. You can also find failed refunds on the Refunds page.

Manually by me

In some cases it will be necessary to perform a manual refund, when, for example, tickets are filtered out because they could not be refunded by Stager. In the backstage you go through almost the same process as with an automatic refund, only no money will be refunded when you click on Refund and block tickets or Refund tickets. This process mainly ensures that ticket registration is fully done and your eventual reports and graphs in Stager are correct. You transfer the amount yourself from your account to the account of the ticket buyer.

  • Cash: refunded with cash

  • Bank transfer: bank transfer

  • Card: refunded to debit card

  • Invoice: credit invoice sent

Stager does not charge for manual refunds.


Under Ticketing - Refunds, you will find an overview of all refunds that have been made, both ‘Automatically’ by Stager and ‘Manually’, by you. Failed refunds can also be found here with the reason for that failure. You will always be informed of failed refunds by email. Click on the status in blue to see an overview of which tickets have been refunded.

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