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Edit and customize contacts in bulk
Edit and customize contacts in bulk

Edit groups of contacts in one go.

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Save time and effort by editing info on multiple contacts at the same time.

Bulk editing is done via Marketing - Contacts.

  • First, select the contacts you want to change or add information for. You can do this after you have imported a group using the import function or when you have found a group of contacts using the audiences search function.

  • Second, choose the contacts. Check the checkbox at the top to select all contacts on the first page. Or click on 'select all' to select all contacts on the following pages.

  • Third, choose what edit you want to do for all selected contacts: bulk edit, Overwrite or Add.


The overwrite function lets you overwrite existing data with new. After clicking the overwrite button, you will be taken to a screen where you can define the data. First check the box next to the data you want to overwrite and then fill in the new information. Then don't forget to click overwrite.

When you add a new contact type, the old contact types will disappear and only the checked contact type will be included. If you want to add a contact type, use bulk edit - add. This function will automatically delete your existing contact types and only the checked contact type will be included.


This feature lets you add information for a group of contacts. The old information will remain and will be supplemented with what you enter here.

Use add if, for example, you want to add a membership for a group of imported contacts, such as a new subscription for all your employees, or your VIP members. Import the groups separately, so that you can immediately process them correctly. With add you can, for example, also add a collection of contacts as newsletter subscribers.

Do you want to add an organization’s name? This cannot be done via add. Please use Overwrite. If the organization’s name has not yet been entered, you “overwrite” this with a new name and the empty box will be replaced with the new information.

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