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Explaining our all-in-one system: what can you do with Stager?

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Stager is an all-in-one system that combines production scheduling, marketing and ticketing. The tool is always accessible online for your entire team. You can also use Stager for just your ticket sales.

How does Stager work?

Stager works as follows: In Settings you first create the settings you will use for your events. These can be ticket types, locations, or ticket sender addresses. You then create an event in the calendar. For that event you indicate when it will take place and at which location, and how many tickets you will sell, and for what price.

We advise to walk through the Stager settings before using the software.


You can start a Stager Ticketing account yourself online, and you can sell your tickets immediately. We offer you your own ticket shop that you can customize in your own house style. You can embed this ticket shop on your own website, or open it in a new browser window.

During an event, you can scan the tickets at the door with the Stager app. This app is free to download and works on mobile phones and scan devices with iOS and Android.

Tickets are sold on a buyer’s name and sent to an email address. This means that over time you will have a list of names and email addresses of ticket buyers. This is the basis of the Stager relationship management system.

Click here for more information about Stager ticketing.


All ticket buyers become a contact in your Stager “backstage” relationship management system. In addition to the ticket buyers, you can also fill Stager's relationship management system with details of all employees, volunteers, press contacts, suppliers, artists, VIPs, neighbours, board members and donors.

Creating and contacting exactly the right target group, using standard online marketing tools is a piece of cake: but you can just as easily send a mailing to the press with the Stager mail system.

In addition to a relationship management system and a mail system, Stager also provides you with publication channels that allow you to publish relevant publicity information about your events (including images + video links) directly to your own website and agenda platforms, such as the Dutch Tourist Information website.

Finally, Stager can integrate with Google Tag Manager (GTM) for online marketing purposes. Using GTM you add marketing pixels from top platforms.

Click here to learn more about Stager's Marketing tools.


The basis, and starting point, for Stager is the calendar, in which you plan events. Here, you can document the entire production per event. This consists of four elements:

  • With Advancing, you create a form yourself with which you request information from external parties. If they have provided the information, it will automatically be added to Stager.

  • With this information you can create a production overview in the Program tab. This contains the relevant contact persons, technical info, hospitality specifics, time schedule, etc.

  • This overview allows you to create an event itinerary. The itinerary contains all the agreements you have made and works as a handy overview for you and the external party. You can also see the overview in the Stager app.

  • The Schedule is the script, or scenario for an event. Here, you note down all the activities of a production. You filter this by person, subject, room, and program element. You can also see this in the app.

Alongside production planning, you can also use Stager to schedule your staff. You can create shifts and plan the staff routine, or decide that the staff can schedule themselves directly, or state their availability. Staff members can log into the online environment (also via mobile) to indicate when they want to work and to see when they are scheduled.

More information about event planning in Stager is found here.


Stager has grown over the years to become the most comprehensive all-in-one solution for event organizers. Of course you don't have to use all the features, but we do see that those who use Stager to its full potential are often more successful. You may be a bit overwhelmed at first by the many possibilities. But don't worry, we have an extensive online help centre, to help you best use Stager.

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