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How can I reset my password for the Stager Backstage?
How can I reset my password for the Stager Backstage?

I can no longer log into the Stager Backstage.

Updated over a week ago

Do you want to log into your Stager Backstage account but have forgotten your password? No worries, here’s how you get back in. :)

Go to the login screen of your organization. Click on 'Reset password' at the bottom right. Here you enter EITHER your username OR your email address that is linked to your user.

You will receive an email containing a link. Click on it and then you can enter a new password and log in again.

Are you unable to log in every time, even though you are using the correct data? Check the following:

  • Are you using the correct link?

    For organizers, use this general link:

    As a volunteer, employee or ticket buyer, you log in via the ticket shop.

  • Are you using the correct username?

    Backstage users often don’t use an email address for this.

  • Check if there is a password manager or saved passwords in the browser. You can test this by using a different browser than you normally do.

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