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Invite colleagues to the Backstage
Invite colleagues to the Backstage

Invite colleagues to work together in Stager

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You have just registered your organization with Stager. And you have successfully entered all the details for the Adyen KYC check. So now you can now get started. It’s time to invite your colleagues to create their own user profile, and to work with you in the Backstage environment.

Create user

Everyone who can log in to the Stager Backstage is called a user. You create them in Settings - Account - Users. Enter a name, username and email address. This user automatically receives an email with the invitation to log in and to create a password.

Set permissions

Newly created users have no permissions, by default. When they try to log in, they will initially see nothing. You must set these permissions yourself. You can choose 'None', 'See' and 'Modify', for each component, or screen. This way you control and confirm which colleague can see, or edit data.

Read more about users here.

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