Payout status - 'Blocked'

Adyen needs more information to be able to pay out.

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The online payments for tickets are handled by the payment platform Adyen. As soon as a ticket is sold for your organization, you will receive the revenue directly on your own Adyen merchant account. Adyen pays this periodically to the organizer's bank account.

Before you can pay out, you must register with Adyen in the Stager Backstage with the KYC (Know Your Customer) form. As a Dutch bank, Adyen is obliged to perform checks. They do this continuously in the background. It may be that Adyen needs additional information, because something has changed in your organization or because there has been a change in the law. If more information is needed, you will be notified by email. In that case, no payment can be made temporarily until this additional information has been approved.

Completing data records

You will receive an email from Stager with the request to complete details in Settings - Account - KYC in the Stager Backstage. From there you can reach the KYC form from Adyen, and fill in the requested information. You often have to supplement the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) data. This is the personal data of the owners of the organization.

At least two roles must be represented among the UBOs:

  • Interested party/owner

  • Signatory

This could be the same person. If so, the identification data is already known to Adyen and then you only have to check the multiple roles for this UBO in Adyen. You select this extra role, 'signatory', in a dropdown for an existing UBO or a new contact. If this process concerns an existing UBO, add an email address and telephone number.

Another IBAN

In case the ticket funds need to be paid to another IBAN, please email the Stager support team ( They will help you to implement this change at Adyen.

The name of the account holder must match that name entered in the first section of Adyen under 'Company details'. Here you will find a legal name and possibly a so-called 'Doing business as' (DBA) name. The name on the IBAN must match one of these two.

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