Management for backstage users.

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Stager distinguishes between two different types of users:

  • Backstage user

  • Contact account

Backstage user

Backstage users log in via:


Replace ‘organization’ with your own organization name.

Backstage users are all Stager users who can log into Stager directly. At Settings - Account - Users you will find a searchable overview. New Backstage users can be invited by mail. Set the Permissions, and indicate which features the Backstage user may or may not view, or edit.

There are three types of permissions:

  • None: this module is not visible to the user.

  • See: the user can view the module but not edit it.

  • Modify: The user can edit the modules.

By setting permissions to None, you make features invisible to users. The cashier at the door probably doesn't need to know about most business processes and can only have the Tickets option enabled for them.

A Backstage user can only be logged in once. With general users such as 'intern', which can be used by several people, you will be logged out when someone else logs in under the same username.

A user limit is set per package. Via Settings - Account - My plan you can find how many users there are in your organization and how many users you can still add.

To be able to scan, you can have multiple active logins for one user, via the Stager scan app.

Contact account

Visitors log in via:


Replace ‘organization’ with your own organization name.

A visitor is a contact who has registered online with Stager. In their personal account, the contact can buy tickets online and find purchased tickets, or, depending on their relationship with your organization, access the staff roster, or subscribe or unsubscribe from a newsletter.

All Visitors who register end up in Contacts.

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