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Where do you start with setting up your marketing activities?

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As soon as you start selling tickets with Stager, you also start marketing. After all, you want the right audience to be aware of your programming. The marketing process starts with the contacts in your Backstage.


Everyone who buys a ticket for your events becomes a contact in your Stager Backstage. This information is not shared and as an organizer you own it 100%. Incidentally, a contact does not have to be created through a ticket sale in the Backstage. Contact lists can be created via a newsletter subscription or with an import of your existing contacts.

Read more about importing contacts here.

Your contact group is the basis for your marketing. Make sure you categorize them properly so that you can ensure your marketing is more targeted and effective. Categorization is done on the basis of manually assigned contact types or automatic customer interest. Over time, you can select your target group based on previously visited events, time of sale, and so on.

Read more about contact types and customer interest here.

The most important parameter to activate and maintain in any target group is the opt-in. This is the checkbox that visitors can check when registering and during the ticket buying process. With this they give their permission to receive your marketing message. You set the content of the opt-in yourself.

Read more about the opt-ins here.


You can mail the target group you selected with Stager's automatic mail system. In the marketing settings you determine what your mailing looks like, and whether to match the house style of your organization.

Online marketing

You may want to measure the visitors in your Stager ticket shop and show a personalized message via social media. You do this using online marketing pixels from Facebook or Google, for example. You can only add this using Google Tag Manager (GTM). You use this to upload a so-called container to the ticket shop. We've created a ready-made container setup so you can set up GTM with relative ease. You add the ID of the container to the ticket shop settings, so that it appears online in your ticket shop.

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