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Scan insights in the Backstage
Scan insights in the Backstage

Realtime insight into the amount of scanned tickets

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Scan insights can be found in the app, as well as in the Stager backstage environment. It offers insights into how many tickets have already been scanned and when. So you know exactly how busy it is and when your peak moments were.

You open Scan insights in the Backstage environment via Reports - Scan insights. You then press Select event to select the appropriate event. On the page you will find the following options:

  • Number of tickets: Here it shows how many of the total amount of tickets have been scanned.

  • Scans by time: You see how many scans were done per minute. You can set the measurement period yourself. Useful if you want to check when the peak moments were.

  • Scans by ticket type: You can see which ticket types have been scanned, sold or reserved. The number of no-shows and the show up rate are also visible.

  • Scans by user: This overview shows the number of tickets scanned per scan user.

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