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Scan with the app

Scan tickets at the door.

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Stager has a scanning app for iOS and Android that allows you to quickly and easily scan tickets, manage the guest list and view visitor numbers.

  • If you don't have an internet connection, you will see a red message at the top of the screen.

  • Does the app constantly log out, meaning you have to log in again at the door? Set a screensaver (PIN code or figure) on the scanning device. The Stager app automatically logs out for security reasons if the device does not have a screen saver.The app scans both barcodes and QR codes, with the QR code being scanned the fastest.

  • Read about the requirements of the app here.


Log in with the username and password you also use for your Stager Backstage user. It is a smart practice to create a separate scan user and only give it permission to scan. You do this in Settings - Account - Users, permission: 'Ticket scanning'. The same user login can be used for multiple scan devices at the same time.


Always check the settings first, so that they are exactly as you want them. Here, you set the following:

  • Scan sounds

    Choose the sounds you hear when a ticket is ok / faulty.

  • Camera mode scanner

    If you scan with a device's camera, set whether you want to use the front or rear camera. You use the front camera with a scanning column, for example.

  • Check-in

    Set here the minutes, hours, or days the event appears in the app before it starts.

  • Kiosk

    Activate the kiosk mode for scanning terminals. With the kiosk mode active you will not see any buttons and the public will not be able to navigate through the app themselves during scanning. You set it up here on the camera or barcode scanner and set a PIN code to log out. During scanning, double click on the blue bar at the top to enter the PIN code.


Click Check-in in the app. You see all events that start within the correct number of minutes, hours, days; as given in the settings.

  • Select the correct events. You can scan several simultaneously.

  • For each event select the ticket types you want to scan. Useful if, for example, you have sold parking tickets for your festival, but don’t want to scan entrance tickets just yet at the parking lot.

Click on 'Start scanning' and you can get started. There are now four options at the top of the yellow bar:

1. Camera

The camera will start and you can scan both barcodes and QR codes. There are three types of notifications. Each notification has a different colour and sound:

  • Red: Barcode is not OK. A message will tell you why, such as 'Barcode already scanned' or 'Barcode Unknown'.

  • Blue: Barcode is OK

  • Photo pop-up: A personal membership ticket can show the photo of the ticket buyer, for verification.

Each scan receives a notification. The last message remains at the bottom of the screen. If you click on it, you will see more information about this latest scan. Click on the three lines in the blue bar at the top right to find the list of completed scan reports. This report is only the scan notification of the device you are currently working with, and not that of the entire organization.

Scan a sample ticket as a test. You can download the sample ticket via Settings - Ticketing - Design.

2. Barcode

The next option in the yellow bar is 'Barcode'. You use this for infrared scanners that often don't have a camera, an external USB scanner, or Bluetooth scanners. In general, a barcode scanner scans faster than a camera.

If you are using a Honeywell scanner, do NOT allow the app to access the camera. The device will switch off the infrared scanner.

Select the input field and start scanning. In some cases you will have to manually press the yellow 'Check the code' button. Click the 'Hide keyboard' button to hide the device's own keyboard.

3. Contact

In this list you will find all the names of the people who bought or received a ticket. You can search by name and check them in without scanning a ticket. This is useful if someone's phone malfunctions or the screen is broken, or a printed ticket is crumpled.

These circumstances invalidate the contact's original ticket.

4. Guests

Under the last option you see the guest list. Search by name or scroll through the list. Check in Contacts by name and quickly switch back to the camera for ticketed people.

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