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Scanning tickets with a scanning device

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You scan tickets at the entrance of your event with the Stager scan app. It is possible to scan tickets with the camera of the mobile device, but you can also use an infrared scanning device with the Stager scan app. This article explains how to use a scanning device and which models we recommend.

How to use scan devices?

To connect an infrared scanner to your mobile device, refer to the instructions provided with the scanner. Once the scanner is connected and working with your device, open the Stager app. Select Check-in, click on the desired event and then click Start scanning. Now that you are in the scanning area, select Barcode to scan with the connected infrared scanner. Now you can scan tickets with your connected scanning device.

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Recommended scan devices

We have tested many different infrared scanners ourselves and the following came out best in the Stager compatibility test:

As a Stager customer, you can contact our hardware partner TLS Boca systems at Mention that you are a Stager user, as you can then purchase the scan devices at a reduced rate.

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