Scanning using the browser

Scanning tickets with a laptop at the door.

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Scanning tickets is easiest with a phone with the Stager app or a scanning device. In some cases you also want to sell tickets and manage the guest list via a laptop. You can also scan the tickets with it.

Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner reads the barcodes on the tickets. Often these devices cannot read QR codes. You plug the scanner into the computer via USB. In the Backstage, go to Ticketing - Door sales and choose 'Scan tickets' in the grey bar at the top.

In this screen, choose the event you want to scan. The barcode scanner is seen by the computer as an extra keyboard. So instead of typing out the entire barcode yourself, the scanner does that for you at lightning speed. Select the field 'Ticket code' with the mouse and start scanning.

This process also applies to Bluetooth scanners. These are wirelessly connected to the computer.

Manual check-in

Technically, it is possible to check in visitors without a scanner. To do this, search the Ticket Management screen by name, order number or ticket code. Check the tickets and choose 'Actions - Scan' in the yellow bar at the bottom. It is also possible to unscan tickets via this route.

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