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Everything you need to know to sell tickets online.

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You're just getting started with Stager and really, there's only one thing you want to do right now. Start your ticket sales! That’s understandable. These instructions show you how to begin with your sales.

For all changes you make in Stager, you must click the 'Save' button. The 'Save' button is your best friend.

Sign in to Adyen

Before you can sell tickets via Stager, you must register your organization with Adyen. You open a sub-merchant account directly via the Stager backstage. Go to Settings - Account - KYC and choose 'Create a merchant account'. Follow the steps of Adyen so that you can receive ticket funds.

Ticket types

You can create tickets for events by first entering your standard ticket info. You can set this up in Settings. For a quick start with ticket sales, just run through the steps below.

Go to Settings - Ticketing - Ticket types. Here you can create different types of tickets for your events; whether 'Regular', 'Guest', 'Locked', 'Membership' or 'Group ticket'. For more information about the various ticket types you can make, click here.

Under VAT % you enter the legally applicable VAT percentage for the type of activities for which the ticket is offered.

You can charge a service fee for sales via the web or at the door, which you set yourself, and will be added to the price of the tickets that you make in the event. It is also possible to charge a percentage fee, or a combination thereof. Service costs are separate from the price agreement you have made with Stager.

The Door & Online Fees, or service costs that you enter here include VAT.

Creating an event

You create a new event in Planning - Events. Click on 'Add new' at the top right or on '+ Add new event' on the day the event takes place. Fill in the Main tab as completely as you can and set the event to ‘Confirmed’. When an event has a status other than 'Confirmed', no tickets can be sold. After you save the screen, the other tabs appear, including Tickets.

Starting your ticket sales

Begin by filling in the Total number of tickets field. Once you have saved this number, choose the ticket types you want to sell, your selling price, and whether they will be sold in the ticket shop (Online) or at the door (Door). By clicking on Edit details, you can enter more specific information per ticket type.

Read more about different ticket types here.

Ticket Image: Upload an e-ticket image that is event specific! If you don't upload anything here, the image you uploaded in Settings - Ticketing - Design will be used.

Ticket Info: You can also add custom text for the Door and E-ticket. Always take a look at the Sample Ticket to make sure that your text fits!

Your tickets can now be sold!

Do you want to know more about starting your ticket sales? No problem, check out the ticket tab.

Sharing the ticket link

At the top right of your screen, click the yellow Get ticket link:

  • Single event link: Share the unique URL for this event only. Visitors immediately see all ticket types for this event.

  • Ticket shop link: See a list of all the events that are sold in this ticket shop.

  • Membership link: Share this link with members so that they have to log in first and then end up at the right event.

  • Publication channel tracking links: Check which automatic publication channels a ticket link has been shared through, and how much revenue this has generated.

  • Sales tracking links: See which sales trackers have been created for this event.

Click Quick links, to the left of the yellow Ticket link button:

  • Ticket management: Open the Ticket management page for this event with a list of all tickets and ticket statuses.

  • Guests: Open the Guests page for this event, to send guests their (free) ticket or put them on the guest list. You can also mail all guests.

  • Sales graphs: Click through to the sales graphs.

  • Sales tracking: Click through to an overview of all created trackers so that you can keep track of which online channel tickets are sold through.

  • Affiliate sales info: Share this link with the external organizers, bookers or artists you work with. Anyone with this link can follow ticket sales in real time.

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