Ticket Types

Determine ticket types, service costs and VAT per ticket.

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Under Settings - Ticketing - Ticket Types you create the types of tickets which can be sold. You then indicate for each event which type of ticket is sold, for which price, and in what way.

In this screen you only enter the basic terms and conditions for each ticket type. You do not enter the price of the tickets here, only the applicable VAT percentages and fees:

  • VAT on ticket: The legally applicable VAT percentage for the type of activity for which the ticket is offered.

  • VAT on service fee: The different VAT percentage on the fee you charge for each sort of event. This does not apply in the Netherlands because it is a fixed fee.

  • Online service fee fixed: The fixed amount that is added to the ticket price as a service fee for tickets sold in the ticket shop. You determine this yourself as an organizer.

  • Online service fee variable: The percentage fee you want to charge as service costs.

  • Door service fee fixed: The fixed amount that is added to the ticket price for tickets sold at the door.

The ‘Door & Web Fees’ you enter here include VAT.

It is possible to charge a service fee for sales on the web or at the door. You are free to determine the service costs yourself. This is separate from the price agreement made with Stager. You can therefore charge the amount that Stager charges for handling ticket sales to your visitors, or you can charge additional service costs, but you can also waive any service costs.

Ticket types in presale

When creating a ticket type, you can indicate whether it is a Regular, Guest, Membership, Group or Locked ticket. What exactly do these terms mean?


  • Standard ticket type for regular sales.

  • To be sold online and at the door.


  • To be offered at the door, via the guest list and to be sent as an email to contacts created in Contacts.

  • For personalized cards with barcodes.

  • Contacts who have a membership for guest tickets, and can log in to the ticket shop and download their tickets. These tickets are only visible to contacts with the correct membership.


  • These tickets are only available online.

  • They are intended to give contacts a discount when purchasing tickets (e.g. member discount).

  • Contacts who have the right membership can log into the ticket shop and purchase tickets with a discount. Otherwise they cannot see these tickets in the ticket shop.

For more information on this topic, see Create Memberships under contacts.


  • Offer discounted tickets for a group of friends or a family, and so on.

  • Adjustable number of tickets per ticket type.

  • To be sold online and at the door.

For more information, see Group tickets.


  • Special (discount) ticket that is offered in the ticket shop after a discount code has been entered by a visitor, or is shown to the cashier on the door.

  • To be sold online and at the door.

Do not create Ticket Types with times. If you want multiple performances on one or different days, use 'Series'.

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