Selling door tickets

The best ways to sell tickets at the door.

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Stager has a door checkout module. Via Ticketing - Door Sales you can sell door tickets and handle reservations. The cashier at the door receives permissions to operate in this at Settings - Account - Users. If you want an employee to only be able to sell regular and therefore no special free or discount tickets, set the permission for Door Sales (free and membership tickets) to None.

At the top of the page, you can quickly switch between Sell tickets, Scan tickets, Guest List and My door sales. This is useful when there is only one cashier selling and scanning door tickets, checking off the guest list and trying to keep on top of updates.

Selling door tickets

Firstly, make sure door sales tickets are available. In the Tickets tab in the event, tick 'Door' next to the tickets you want to sell at the door.

1. Select and click on the event for which you want to sell a ticket.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Via a list of 20 upcoming events

  • Or via the Search event field at the top right for past events or ones not in the list.

2. Click on the ticket to add the ticket to the order. An order will then appear on the right. Remove a ticket from the order by clicking the button behind the ticket in the order.

3. Tickets can be linked to a contact, so that you can keep a bespoke visit history for each visitor or emailed ticket. This is optional.

  • Search in Search for contacts at the top right and select the correct contact.

  • If your visitor is not yet added to Stager, you can enter them via the option + Create a new contact.

4. Tickets can be emailed to the contact if there is a full record with email details (see step 3). Check 'Email ticket to contact name (email address)' so that they are emailed when the order becomes final.

5. You can complete an order using the two buttons at the bottom:

  • Invoice: the order is immediately completed and registered as paid by invoice.

  • Cash: the order is completed immediately and registered as a cash payment.

  • Pin: the order is immediately completed and registered as a Pin payment.

After clicking on 'Invoice'. 'Cash' or 'Pin' the order is completed immediately, and the tickets are printed and/or emailed. Cashiers should therefore be given clear instructions to activate an order process when the payment has actually been completed by the visitor.

User Preferences

In the first screen where you choose the event, you can also manage your own user preferences. Below the list you can see your own print and scan preferences. To the right of that, you can adjust it using the 'Change' button.

Scan settings

A difference is made between a ticket that is sold at the door (Sales) and a ticket that is scanned (Visitor). If you want these two actions to take place at the same time, check Scan tickets on sale.

Example: When the cash register is a point of sale and checkpoint, customers buy a ticket at the door and go straight in. The tickets will not be scanned elsewhere. In this case, check Scan tickets on sale. The customers are registered as a visitor when the ticket is sold. With Ticket Management, the scanned on time is equal to the time of sale.

Never turn on Scan tickets on sale before the event starts. The Scan tickets on sale function also applies to tickets sold at the door in the presale. During the event it will be indicated that the ticket is not valid because it has already been scanned during the sale at the presale point.

Printer settings

For each user, you indicate which printer setting is used. You can choose between printing a normal door ticket, an e-ticket on A4 paper (handy for presale when no Boca printer or receipt printer is available) or no print, because you put a stamp on the hand of your visitors, or you email the tickets.

As a check, the message Printing disabled and/or Not scanning tickets on sale appears at Ticketing - Door Sales.

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