Ordering membership tickets online

Order membership or guest tickets online in the ticket shop.

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Contacts with a membership can purchase Guest and/or Membership tickets through the web: as either free or discounted tickets.

Logging in to the ticket shop

When contacts order tickets in the ticket shop, they must first be logged in. Stager recognizes the ticket buyer by the email address and can offer the correct Guest or Membership tickets based on this. They log in by clicking on the menu icon in the top left - Login.

After logging in, the ticket buyer can use the menu to go to the Buy Tickets option and then search for the desired event, where guest and/or membership tickets will now appear, in addition to the regular tickets.

The tickets are only visible when:

  • The ticket buyer is logged in to the ticket shop.

  • The ticket buyer has the correct membership.

  • The membership is valid until at least one day after the event for which tickets are purchased.

  • The maximum number of membership tickets has not yet been reached.

  • The membership or guest tickets are offered online, in the event.

Ticket types

There are two types of tickets you can assign to a contact - Membership and Guest. You use the membership tickets if the membership holder is allowed to buy tickets earlier, or buy cheaper tickets. You use the membership as a guest ticket if these tickets are always free.

You can also send your contacts a direct login link for tickets for a particular event, or from the ticket shop. In the event, go to 'Share ticket link' and use the membership link.

Downloading tickets

If the contact only reserves a free Guest ticket and no order fee has been set in Settings - Ticketing - Ticketing defaults, the payment window will be skipped and the ticket can be downloaded immediately.

Tickets downloaded in the ticket shop count as admission tickets. If a personal barcode is used on, for example, a member card, it can be used to gain access to an event. With a membership, Guest tickets can be “sold” at the door; through a member having their barcode scanned. Stager recognizes the membership and these members can be checked in using the app. This does not work if they have already used the membership to download a ticket in the ticket shop. In that case, they must use the downloaded ticket to enter.

As a volunteer for a venue, for example, you can enter for free at selected concerts and you can bring 2 friends for free. You would then have a membership for 'Volunteer tickets' with a maximum of 3 per event. If you log in online and you already download your 3 tickets, you must use them to enter. If you download 1 ticket, you can let 2 more friends enter at the door with your membership card, provided there is still capacity for that.

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