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How can I see how many tickets have been sold?
How can I see how many tickets have been sold?

What are the ticket sales overviews?

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There are several places where you can see how many tickets have been sold.

  • Stager app

  • Dashboard

  • Sales insights

  • Sales reports

  • Ticket Management

  • Affiliate sales information

The easiest overview can be found in the Stager app on your phone. Under Reports, you can view sales graphs in both numbers and turnover for each event. You can keep track of sales for an event or a period of time.

You can see the most extensive graphs in the Stager Backstage under Reports - Sales insights. An overview of several events can be found at Sales Overview.

You can also see detailed sales information for each day, or cumulatively. This includes turnover, fee and share of free tickets. You can even compare multiple events side by side. Click through to the Marketing insights for demographic info of the ticket buyers.

In the Dashboard you can see a quick overview of the total number of tickets sold per day/period. In addition, check the intermediate ticket sales for the first upcoming events here. Read more about the Dashboard here.

To see extensive insights into ticket sales, create an excel report via Sales report. Read more about that here.

In Ticket Management you can see how many tickets of each ticket type have been sold online, at the door and in total for each event. You can also find a similar table per event as with Affiliate sales info. This is a link that you share with external organizers, so they can keep track of current sales themselves.

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