Create and sell group tickets

Make sure you have the correct number in a group, to sell the correct number of tickets.

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Stager’s group tickets option allows you to sell a number of tickets as a bundle, and for a different price than if you were to sell those tickets separately. This way you can offer discounted tickets for a group of visitors.

Create group tickets

  • Go to Settings - Ticketing - Ticket types and make a new ticket type. Give it a suitable name such as 'Group ticket (5 pers.)' and select the Group category as use.

  • A pop-up window appears in which you can indicate how many tickets are to be sold (as a bundle) into this kind of group ticket.

  • The set door/web fee per ticket applies for each ticket. If you have a group ticket of 5 tickets with a fee of €1, €5 in service costs will be added to each sold group ticket.

The ticket buyer can only see from the name of the ticket how many tickets are in a group ticket. It is advisable to put something like '(5 pers.)' in the name to avoid confusion. When 5 tickets are in a group ticket, the ticket buyer will receive 5 separate tickets in one PDF.

Offer group tickets

  • In the Event - Tickets tab of your event, you will see the created group ticket in the Group tickets section. Now you can activate the ticket type for sale by checking Online and / or Door (types) and setting a sale price.

  • Enter the total price for which the group ticket will be sold. Please note, service costs may be added when you have set this up! These costs apply for each ticket.

Determine sales limits

  • Click on 'Edit details' to adjust any sales settings, such as sales period or maximum number of tickets that can be sold. In the example below, 10 Group tickets for 5 people are available, so in this case 50 people can enter via a Group ticket.

The number of tickets you can buy per session is limited by the Web sales maximum tickets for the event group that you set in Settings - Ticketing. When someone buys a group ticket that consists of 5 tickets, this counts as 5 tickets. If you set the maximum number of tickets for each order to 10 tickets, the visitor can buy a maximum of 2 Group Tickets (5 pers.).

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