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Create tickets for a multi-day festival
Create tickets for a multi-day festival

How do I sell passe-partout tickets for several days?

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Example: You organize ‘Festival del Mundo’, a three-day festival on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The location where the festival takes place has room for 2,000 visitors.

Presale consists of:

  • Festival ticket for all days.

  • Day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

How do you do that?

Create and link events and multi-access events

  • Create three events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and name them 'Day ticket Friday', 'Day ticket Saturday', and Day ticket Sunday'.

  • Create a multi-access event and name it 'Festival del Mundo', for example. Under this umbrella you will create the tickets giving access for three days.

  • When creating the multi-access event, you attach the three separate day events.

Setting up ticket sales

  • Click on Festival Del Mundo (shown in the calendar by the umbrella in front of the name) and go to the Tickets tab. Enter 2,000 at Ticket Amounts. That is the maximum number of festival tickets that can be sold.

  • Enter the price for each ticket type you want to sell and check the sales channel (Online or Door). It is possible to specify sales limits per ticket type or per sales category (Regular, Guest, Locked, etc.).

  • You’d prefer to sell festival tickets to day tickets, so you should limit the number of day tickets available. Every day ticket sold is also one festival ticket less. For the individual Events - Tickets - Number of tickets, enter the following:

    - Day ticket Friday: 500 tickets

    - Day ticket Saturday: 500 tickets

    - Day ticket Sunday: 500 tickets

  • Then activate the ticket types you want to sell by specifying a price, sales limit and sales method.

Link ticket numbers and limits

The festival tickets and day tickets still have to be linked. Because, when someone buys a festival ticket, there is one day ticket less available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And when someone buys a day ticket for Friday, for example, there is one less festival ticket available.

This is then the maximum number of tickets that may be sold for that event on that day: AND that which can be festival tickets and day tickets, only day tickets, or only festival tickets. At Festival del Mundo the Maximum Capacity is 2,000.

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