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The easiest way to send out free and guest tickets.

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You can send guest tickets to contacts using Stager. This can be done in two ways:

  • Via Send Mailing; Send the same number of tickets to one or more contacts.

  • Via Guests; Import a group of contacts and send them different numbers of tickets with one email.

This article covers the first option: sending tickets directly through the Stager mailer.

First you find the target group you want to email and then you build the email. Via Marketing - Contacts - Audiences you define the target group. A list will appear that you select and then you choose to email them via Stager.

It is also possible to start with the email. You can then add the names of the recipients one by one in the 'Send to' field. In both cases, the email addresses end up in the BCC and recipients do not see who received the email from each other.

Adding tickets

Drag a Free Text block to the sample email and type your message in the text area. Or you add it in the form of an Intro, whatever you like.

Then drag a Guest Ticket block to the preview and set it in one of these ways:

  • Direct or invite

    With 'Direct tickets', the recipient receives tickets immediately. Using 'Invitation link', the recipient must first actively accept the tickets, otherwise they will expire.

  • Choose the event for which these tickets are valid.

  • Choose which guest ticket type you want to send.

  • Indicate how many tickets will be sent per recipient.

  • Enter the correct text for the download button.

  • Optional: If you have opted for an invite, enter when this invitation expires. You can then sell the unclaimed tickets at the door.

Send a Test Mail to yourself to see what the mail looks like. The 'I will attend' button does not work in a test mail, so you cannot download a test ticket. When you send the email to the recipients, the button will of course work.

Manage tickets

Made a mistake or sent too many tickets? You can change the tickets via Tickets - Ticket Management. Select the correct event and check the tickets you want to expire. Click Cancel Door Reservations. A ticket can only be cancelled when it has the RESERVED status. When it says SOLD, the ticket has already been downloaded and you need to Block the ticket to make it invalid.

Have you cancelled one of two reserved tickets? The recipient can download the one ticket, the other one has expired and is no longer visible in the download link of the email.

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