External Guest List

Let parts of the guest list to be managed by external parties.

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This labour-saving External Guest List means you no longer have to chase your artists and the guest list is completed on time.

What does it do?

Suppose 4 artists perform at your venue and each artist is allowed 10 guests. You don't want to receive an email every day with a new name for the guest list, especially as the artist is responsible for their own guest list.

That's why Stager developed the External Guest List. The artist can manage the guests without logging in to Stager. They receive a link containing the guest list spots and a closing date. They can change this as many times they like until the guest list closes. Then all guests must be on the list; which can no longer be changed. You can check in the guests in the Stager Backstage or with the Stager App.

How it works

  • Go to Ticketing - Guests.

  • Select the event for which you want to create the guest list and choose Add new - External Guest List. Is this button not visible? Then you probably don't have the correct permissions. Set this via Settings - Account - Users.

  • Enter the name of the Guest List Manager.

  • When the Guest List Manager adds names, each guest's name is added. Otherwise it is empty.

  • Make sure that you use the Description to find out who this guest is from. For example, enter the band name here or again the name of the Guest List Manager.

  • At Ticket Type you indicate what kind of ticket the guest ticket is. The guest will not receive a ticket, but of course, there should be enough places available. The number of Guest tickets - and thus guest list places - can be set in Event - Tickets. Please tick ‘Door’ there, because then they will be visible in the Guest List.

  • Indicate how many guests the Guest List Manager is allowed to bring with number of spots.

  • You need to close the guest list at some point, to finally confirm it. Guest list spots that have not been assigned to a name will be released and can be sold. Enter the deadline for completing the guest list at Lock list after.

  • Save! The guests now appear in the guest list. There is a reserved status at check-In because it has not yet been assigned a name.

  • Click the Share link and send the link to the artist.

The artist can then add their guests without logging in. They can adjust it until the moment the Lock List date expires. The guest list manager can type the names in the field, but also copy-paste a list (for example from WhatsApp). Stager recognizes the separate names, lists, +1's and so on, and makes a clear list that can be confirmed.

From then on, the list works like the normal Guest List. The guest makes themselves known at the door and the guest can check in via Tickets - Door Sales - Guest List and of course via the Stager App.

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