Import and invite guests

Invite larger groups of guests and send them tickets.

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You can invite large groups of guests in one action, using Import Guests. Alongside adding guests to the guest list one by one, or sharing an external guest list, you can also import guests via a spreadsheet.

Choose one of the two follow-up actions:

  • Add guests to the list via Add to guest list.

  • Email tickets via Mail tickets.

How do you import a guest list?

Via Ticketing - Guests you can find an overview of the guests for each event.

  1. Select the event you want to import the guest list for.

  2. Click on Import and you will see an overview screen of imported guest lists.

  3. Click on '+ New Import'. Download the sample CSV and use it as a template. Enter at least a first name and a number of tickets. If you want to send an email, an email address is also required.

  4. Once you've chosen and formatted your file, Stager will preview the data to be imported. Does it look good? Import using the 'Finish' button.

You then return to the overview page of imported guest lists. The list you just imported is found here. Now choose what you want to do with the guests.

Stager only imports CSV files. These are very similar to Excel files, but differ in that the columns are predefined. If you fully reuse the first line of the example file, your import will work smoothly. Do not adjust the columns and only enter the data in the correct place.

Add to guest list

Add your guests to the guest list. At least a first name is required for this. Guests with an email are also added to Contacts.

Choose a ticket type and enter a description. The names of the visitors are then added to the guest list with the specified ticket type and the entered number of places. You can see the description on the guest list.

Your imported list may have more tickets to issue than are available for the event. If this is the case, make extra tickets available via Configure Tickets. When you've done that, click Reload Tickets to reload the page to see the new numbers.

Mail tickets

Choose this if you want to email the guests the tickets. You will be forwarded to the mail composer. Choose the template you want to use. The component 'Guest tickets' has already been added to your mail and all recipients of the list have been added to the 'Send to' field. It is not possible to adjust this.

Choose whether you want to email an 'Invitation link' or 'Direct ticket link'. The invitation must still be accepted by the recipients before they actually receive a ticket. Tickets that are not accepted are released at a time set by you, so that you can still sell them. The recipient can directly download the tickets via the 'Direct ticket link'.

You can format the email (images, text, GIFs, etc.) and send to each guest the number of tickets you specified in the imported CSV file. This can be a different number of tickets per recipient.

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