Guests and the Guest list

Invite guests and add them to the guest list manually.

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You can check in guests to your event via Tickets - Doorsales or using the Stager App. Of course, before you can check them in, they must first be on the guest list. Do you want to add the names separately? Then read on below.

You can also import a guest list. This is useful if you want to invite large groups to your event at the same time. Read more about importing a guest list here.

Before you can add a guest, you must have at least one guest ticket type checked for Door in your event.

How do you add someone as a guest?

Go to Ticketing - Guests.

  1. Select the event you want to add guests to in the search box at the top of the page.

  2. Click on + New guest(s) and choose 'Single guest'.

  3. Select the Ticket type and indicate how many people will be added to the list.

  4. Click Save!

Do you want to add someone else? Click + New guest(s).

You can also put guests on the guest list using the Stager app.

How do you check someone in?

  1. Select the event you want to check your guests into.

  2. Click on Add guest and enter the name of your guest and a possible description.

  3. Click the green check mark to check in one person. Are there more people for a guest list? Click the green check mark again.

You can also check in guests using the Stager app:

  1. Go to 'Guest list' in the app.

  2. Choose the event you want to check guests into.

  3. Swipe the name right to check in the guest list spot or click the arrow on the right to check in the guest.

Guest tickets status, edit and delete

If you want to edit a guest’s details, click on Edit. To delete this guest, click Delete.

Guests who have fully checked in cannot be edited and removed.

When guests have not yet checked in, their ticket will receive the Reserved status. Once checked in, the status changes to Sold.

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