Checking guests in at the door

How do I best manage guests at the door?

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You sent out the guest tickets and added names to the guest list. Your event will start soon and your door staff will soon greet them. Read on to learn how to check in guests as smoothly as possible.

This applies to guests with a free ticket or a spot on the guest list. Visitors with a regular ticket can be scanned in with the Stager app. Read more about that.

Check in tickets with the Stager app

If you have sent all guests their own ticket by email, you check them in the same way as the regular audience: as they have a valid ticket that can be scanned. These two visitor streams can easily enter via the same queue, routing, or scanner.

It can of course happen that someone does not have their tickets with them. In that case, you check in the guest by name. In the app, go to Check-in and choose the correct event + correct ticket types. At the top of the screen is a yellow bar, you use the 'Scanner' option to scan tickets with the camera. Go to 'Contact' and search by name or email address.

The same system also works for regular visitors.

Checking guests in with the app

If guests are on the guest list, they won’t have received a ticket. They identify themselves at the door and the host will let them in and check in. This is how you do it via the app.

In the main menu, go to ‘Guest list’ and choose the event. You can see how many guests are on the list and how many have already checked in. Swipe the name on the list to the right to check in someone or tick the circle in front of the name. If someone has multiple places, you swipe / check that person several times. This is how an entourage can be checked in, per person.

Did you forget to put someone on the guest list? With this screen you can quickly add someone with the + at the top right of the screen.

Checking guests in with a laptop

In the Backstage, go to Ticketing - Guests. Choose the right event here. You see the guest list and can (if you have the permissions) add new names to it.

There is a search field above the names; this is a filter. That means you only extract the names that are currently loaded. If the guestlist is longer than what is initially loaded, you will only get the names that meet the criteria that were already loaded and not the names that are under the 'Load more' button.

Choose 'Check-in' to check the guests in.

All of the above systems are interlinked. Once someone has checked in, the information is processed immediately and that person cannot be checked in again via a different route.

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