Ticket Order Details

Information about specific tickets and orders.

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All actions related to ticket sales are logged. This logging is done at two stages - order stage and ticket stage. For each, the date and time per action is displayed, the status of the ticket and those responsible for processing.

Tickets in order

The ticket order can be found for each contact at the top of the page under the 'Orders' tab. Otherwise you can find the order via Tickets - Orders or Ticket Management. If you click on the blue order number, you see the order details.

Download e-tickets and door tickets

When a visitor has lost their tickets or has deleted the email with the ticket link, you have the option to download the tickets as a PDF and send them again. Click on the order number of a ticket when in Tickets - Tickets Management. Downloading is possible in both A4 (e-ticket) and Ski (door) format.

Resend ticket link

Click on the Resend ticket link and the ticket link will again be sent to the visitor's email address. The visitor can then download their ticket using the link in the email.

Check the email address! Often, customers have an old, or incorrect email address in the database. You can check this by clicking on the contact name.

Print tickets again

This button is only visible for tickets sold as a door sale. Tickets can be reprinted as a door ticket if something went wrong with the first printing.

Transactions on order

Multiple transactions can be executed per order. This is primarily done by the ticket buyer. On this tab you can see which payment method has been used and whether this was successful. If tickets are refunded, you will also see this in each order.

Ticket details

To view the Ticket Details, go to Ticketing - Ticket Management or to Ticket Order Details under Tickets - Orders and click on the blue Status (SOLD, REFUNDED, RESERVED, AVAILABLE) of the ticket.

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