How can I resend a ticket?

When a ticket buyer has lost their ticket.

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When a ticket buyer has lost their tickets or the email with the download link for the tickets has ended up in the Spam or Trash folder, the easiest way for them to receive the tickets is via:

If the ticket buyer cannot manage this, you can email the tickets again. To do this, go to Tickets - Orders and click the Search button at the top right of the screen. Enter the name of the contact to find the right order. There are two options:

  1. Click the Resend ticket link button. An email will be sent to the email address of the visitor with the download link to the tickets. This button is only visible when the ticket has been purchased via the web, because then an email address is known.

  2. Download the ticket as a PDF and send it again via your own email client. This is possible as both an e-ticket and a door ticket.

It often happens that ticket buyers have an incorrect email address in the database or that the tickets have been sent to an old email address. The latter scenario mainly occurs when contacts log in with Facebook and the Facebook account is linked to an old email address.

After you have clicked on the Resend ticket link button, a message will appear on the screen showing the address the ticket has been sent to. Check that this is the correct and valid email address. Otherwise, you can adjust this yourself at the contact record before you send the tickets.

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