Assign and check off tasks

For personal, or event-related tasks

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You can create tasks in Stager that you then check off. You can do this at event level, but also separately. You can create tasks for yourself and your colleagues. When creating a task, enter the task description and date yourself. Using tasks, the team can stay informed of all the steps to be completed for a production.

Adding tasks to an event

  • To link a task to an event, go to that event's Tasks tab.

  • Click the Add Task button.

  • Describe the task and select a module to which the task belongs. An example of a task is “Prepare riders” or “Complete catering schedule”: these would belong to the Production and Personnel modules respectively.

  • Add an Assignee. This can be you, but it can also be colleagues who have a Stager user login.

  • At Due Date, enter the deadline date for the task.

  • The task appears under Events - Tasks, but also in the My Tasks list of the Stager user who has been assigned the task.

Keeping a personal to-do list

My Tasks is an overview of all tasks assigned to you, whether related to an event or not. Using this module is similar to using Events - Tasks. It is also possible to assign a task to an event via My Tasks.

  • Click on the Add task button and describe the task.

  • Adding an Event and Module is optional. If you leave this blank, the task will only appear in My Tasks.

  • When Event and Module are filled in, the task also appears in the event.

  • Add an Assignee and enter Due Date to assign the task and include the date.

Check off tasks

When a task has been performed, tick the checkbox for the task, and click Save. Completed tasks that belong to an event will still be shown in the Events - Tasks overview, to show they are completed.

Personal tasks not related to an event disappear after checking and saving the change in the Done, or completed tasks lists.

When tasks are standard, it is possible to use the Event Templates (Settings - Production - Event Templates) for them. You can set up standard tasks that belong to an event for each template.

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