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What is the difference between Event Templates and Series?
What is the difference between Event Templates and Series?

What exactly do I use Templates and Series for?

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Event templates and Series are two really useful features... but which do you use when, and what is the difference between using an Event template and a Series?

In brief:

  • Series is suitable for series, namely one particular event that is repeated. In a series you can adjust information for one event, for example a ticket price, and apply this to all events in the series. This template is useful for exhibitions.

  • The Event template is for a standard event you can complete in advance. Handy for a monthly recurring party, for example; where ticket info, the staff roster, publicity data, etc. is always the same, or for a type of event that occurs weekly, such as a concert.


    The Series function is intended for an event that occurs several times. Think of a film screening that runs three times a day or an art exhibition of a fortnight. First, create one event and duplicate it by making it into a series.

    If you want to make adjustments to an entire series, use the Edit series button. If you only want to make adjustments to a single event in a series, simply edit the information on the Main, Publicity or Finance tab of the event and click Save.

    The events and fields that are linked to a series can be recognized by the following icon:

    NOTE: If you make a change to a series and choose to save it to 'All events', the information of the entire tab (e.g. tickets) will be changed for all events belonging to that series.

Event template

An Event Template is intended for recurring productions. Do you have a movie night every Thursday? Create a template with the name 'Movie Night' where you fill in the build up time, start time, ticket information, staff roster, publicity information, tasks and production information. This will probably be the same for every Thursday. Create an event from a template and you no longer have to fill in this recurring information. Of course you can adjust for each event.

You can also use event templates in Stager to sketch out catering schedules for a month, in one go. Name your template 'Café' and make a template for every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, for example.

Create the different templates at Settings - Planning - Event Templates and bring them into your monthly calendar via the Add new - Event from template command, that can be found at the top right of the monthly calendar.

You can also link the events from an event template in a series by selecting Link events as series.

Read more about Event Templates and Series here.

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