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What's the easiest way to add an event to the calendar?

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Use Settings to set up Stager so that it mirrors the working methods of your own organization. We advise you to do that first before you start planning events.

A new event is created by clicking on the '+ New' command in the calendar. You then have four options:

  • Event: Create a regular day event.

  • Calendar note: A note in the agenda, without any event attached to it.

  • Multi-access event: Create an event group (with the umbrella icon) that links multiple events together.

  • Event by template: Create an event from a template you created. Only available in the Awesome package.

You can also click on '+ New' on the day you want to add an event. You will then be taken to the Event template: Events - Main page, which you must fill in. Only after clicking Save will the event appear in the calendar and the other tabs will appear.


For recurring events that resemble an existing event, you can use the Duplicate Main info button. You can find this when you press the Actions button. The information entered on the Main tab will then be copied to another (calendar) date.


If you work with recurring events, you could also work with series. These options can be found in the Stager Awesome package and ensure that you can fill the agenda more efficiently and work faster.

By clicking the 'Series' arrow at the bottom of the Main tab, you can create multiple events in a series. The series ensures that a lot of information is linked within the series of events. Read more about series here.

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