Making Event Series

For film, theatre performances or exhibitions.

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For film screenings, a run of theatre performances or exhibitions, you may need to create the same event over several days and times. After all, an exhibition can be visited daily for a few weeks.

Working with event series is part of the Stager Awesome package.

A series copies information entered at Main, Publicity and Tickets and enters it on each new event that you create. You can see that information by looking at the series icon, which can be found in front of an input field.

Creating series

You first create an event in the usual way. Then scroll down on the Main tab to the 'Series' button and open this menu with the yellow arrow. You can then use the yellow button ‘+ Create event in series’.

All events that are part of a series are recognized by the chain icon. You can see this icon in the event name.

Changing series

It is now also possible to make changes per entry field rather than for the entire page at once. Click the Edit series button on the Main, Publicity, or Tickets tab. You then select all the fields you want to modify, make the modifications, and select Save for all events in series. Now you overwrite only the adjustments in the selected fields, and all other completed information of the events in the series remains the same.

For example, you have 5 events in a series, but you want to adjust only the production start and production end without overwriting each page. To do this, select only production start and production end, make the changes, and click Save for all events in series. Now the content of each event is still the same, with updated production start and end times.

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