Event Templates

How to quickly put a recurring production in Stager using templates.

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With an event template you can pre-fill some parts of a production. If you then create an event from a template, all these elements are immediately filled in, without you having to add information manually.

Using an event template for recurring events will save you a lot of time. You create a template once at Settings - Planning - Event Template and all information at Production, Personnel, Publicity, Tickets, Finance and Tasks will be already entered when you create an event.

Event templates are perfect for events where a lot of information remains the same. For example, create a template for a concert or for a club night. You probably often use the same opening hours, the same staff roster and the same ticket types for these types of events. Of course, all data can be adjusted if there is specific data for a certain event.

Making a Template

Go to Settings - Planning - Event Templates to create a template. In the template, enter all information that will be “fixed” for that type of event, such as start and end time, personnel services, ticket information, etc.

Because an event template has no calendar date, there are various places where you can choose when to publish a single event. You can use the date and 'program start time' that is made when an event is created. In the template you can also indicate how long before 'program start time' an event is scheduled. The example below shows an event created for February 21, and scheduled to be published on February 1.

Creating events using Templates

Click on Planning - Events on 'Add new' in the top right corner to create a new event based on an Event Template. When you use a template, adjust the date at Main to the date when the event actually takes place. The other data will adjust automatically.

After choosing the template, a pop-up will appear in which you can also choose whether you simply want to create a single event, or a number of weekly recurring events. These "recurring" events can also be linked together as series with one click. A series copies information entered in Main, Publicity and Tickets and adds it to new events you create. In the example below, Stager creates events in a series for every Saturday in the month of November, based on a “Hiphop event” template.

When you put in an Event Template, set the status to Option, so that the event does not immediately go live when it is created. Then the event will also appear on the Stager website, in the ticket shop and in your staff roster.

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