Taking a shift and specifying availability

How do you log in and stay informed when you work shifts?

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As a staff member, volunteer, or external employee of an organization, your work will be scheduled in Stager. That way you know when you work a shift and you can specify your availability.

Logging in to the ticket shop

Your scheduled shifts are linked to your contact record in Stager. You have your own contact record for each organization, linked to your email address. Log in to the organization via this link:

https://[organisation name].stager.co/web/tickets/login

Please replace [organisation name] with the name of the organisation for which you are going to log in.

If you are logged in and the correct roles have been assigned, you will see a number of additional options in the top right corner of the menu:

  • Take a shift

    Here you see open shifts that you can take there and then, meaning you are immediately scheduled.

    Link: https://[organisation name].stager.nl/web/shift

  • My availability

    View all open shifts for which you can specify your availability. The planner can schedule you based on this information.

    Link: https://[organisation name].stager.nl/web/shifts/availability

  • My shifts

    An overview of all your scheduled shifts.

    Link: https://[organisation name].stager.nl/web/shifts/myshifts

Save the direct link of the organization where you work in your phone's browser. This way you always have all the information quickly at hand.

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