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Re-downloading tickets
Re-downloading tickets

Where can the ticket buyer find the tickets?

Updated over a week ago

When a ticket buyer has paid for the tickets, the last page they see in the purchasing process is one where they directly download the tickets. In addition, an email will be sent with a download link for the tickets.

You can resend the tickets via the Stager website:

If the ticket buyer has to download the tickets again, (because the ticket link is not in their mailbox or the PDFs have been misplaced), they can do this in the ticket shop.

Go to:


and log in with your username and password. Replace [organization] with the name of the organizer of the event you purchased tickets for.

You will then be taken to the My Tickets page where you can download all orders.

No account/Forgot password?

Has the ticket buyer not set a password, but wants to log in later to download purchased tickets or buy new tickets, and can't find the registration email? They should use the option ‘Forgot your password?’ and set a new password.

As an organization you can make it easy for your ticket buyers by putting a My Tickets button on your website. Paste this link here:


Replace "organization" with the name of your organization and direct your audience to the option to (re)set a password.

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