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Send a newsletter for upcoming events
Send a newsletter for upcoming events

The right mail to the right target group.

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Learn how to send a marketing email to the right target group in no time.

There are two cool shows for electronic music coming up. You've built up a large database of visitors who love electro and you don't want them to miss out. So you notify them:

  • Go to Marketing - Contacts - Audiences and search for all contacts that meet the following conditions:

    Marketing information - Interests - For one or more of - Electronic music

    Anyone interested in electronic music or who has ever bought a ticket for an event marked with the interest 'electronic music' on Event - Publicity will appear in the search result.

  • You then add a rule to filter everyone who would like to receive marketing emails with the necessary opt-in. So you add a rule that the contacts must also meet:

    Mailings - Has optins - For one or more of - Keep me informed about upcoming events

    In order not to spam contacts too much, you can also specify the 'Days since last mailing'. If you want contacts to receive a mailing no more than once a month, enter 30 here.

  • Click on Show contacts and select all contacts. Click 'Send email with Stager'. You will now enter the Create Mailing environment.

New Message

You have selected the correct target group above. Then you quickly paste all the event info into a mailing. You do this using the Single or Double Column components.

In the top field of this component, you can search for upcoming events by title. As soon as you choose an event, Stager fills this column with the information you entered under the Publicity tab of that chosen event.

Alongside the text, you can also immediately add an image. In the event record, you upload an image in the 'Main image' field.

Send the mail immediately or choose a later time via Schedule mailing. When you have clicked Send, you will arrive at Email Activity. Keep an eye on your mailings here; check how many recipients have opened the mail and what the conversion is.

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