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Why can't members purchase Membership tickets?
Why can't members purchase Membership tickets?

Members who cannot buy cheap, or free tickets online.

Updated over a week ago

In the Stager ticket shop, the possibility to download discount tickets or free tickets will only appear when the following conditions are met:

  • Contacts have an active membership in Contacts.

  • Membership or Guest tickets are offered for an event. You do this by ticking and activating Online.

  • The event falls within the active timeline of the membership.

  • The member has created an account for your Stager environment.

  • The member is logged in to the ticket shop with the email address linked to that membership.

When a contact is entitled to free tickets or discount tickets during the period in which the event takes place, and these free tickets or discount tickets are actually offered for the event, that is when they appear in the ticket shop.

If a visitor indicates they cannot obtain tickets via the ticket shop, check the following settings:

  • Is the ticket type, and the period in which this ticket type may be obtained by this person, set correctly? You can see this at Marketing - Contacts - Memberships. More information on this subject can be found here.

  • Have the ticket types for the given sales period been set under the event itself, i.e. at Event - Tickets?

  • It is possible to maximize the number of tickets; so it is possible that all available tickets of the relevant ticket type have already been sold. Check this via Tickets - Ticket Management.

  • Is the person logged into the ticket shop? And if so, with the correct email address?

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