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How do I check my Stager ticketing invoice?
How do I check my Stager ticketing invoice?

Compare receipts with the ticket costs.

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Every month you can download the Stager invoice from the Stager backstage, which lists all costs deducted by Stager per payment method, as well as the VAT that has been charged. This means the costs and VAT incurred in the previous month for ticket sales, refunds and payouts. We call this invoice the 'Receipt'.

You can find this invoice via Settings - Account - Billing. You will receive a notification that the invoice is ready for you at the Billing email address you entered on the same page.

To check the invoice, go to the Accounting report by date that you can find at Reports - Accounting - Accounting by date.

  • Select the month you want to check Stager's invoice for.

  • At Payment type, choose the payment method 'Online'.

  • Download the report

In the downloaded report you find an overview, per event, of the total amount of fees deducted by Stager and also a column with the VAT on these fees, which you can reclaim if you are subject to VAT.

If you add both totals together, you *almost* end up with the amount on your invoice, because - note - we also charge costs for every time you have paid yourself. You add these payment costs to the calculated costs to arrive at the invoice amount. On the tab Settings - Account - Payouts you will find how many payouts you have made in the month to be checked.

Check costs per payment method, refunds and payouts

If you want to zoom in on costs in more detail, we recommend that you use other reports. To oversee everything properly, some Excel skills are needed.

We explain how to do that. First of all, in Stager backstage, go to Reports - Sales exports - Tickets by date:

  • Select 'Tickets sold after', select the first of the relevant month and leave the times at 00:00.

  • Select 'Tickets sold before', select the first of the following month and again leave the times at 00:00.

  • At Payment type choose payment method 'Online'.

  • Download the report.

In this sales report you will see a number of columns in which the various costs for using Stager are listed.

Overseeing ticket sales costs

To check the costs charged for ticket sales, examine the following columns for each payment method:

  • Stager fee fixed - fixed cost per ticket that Stager charges.

  • Stager fee variable - for some payment methods, Stager charges a percentage fee.

The total of these two columns, filtered by payment method, must match the amounts stated on the invoice for each payment method (iDEAL, Credit Card, Sofort and Bancontact).

Overseeing costs for refunds

The invoice also lists the refund costs for the tickets you refunded via the Stager backstage. To check, look at the columns:

  • Stager refund fee fixed - fixed costs per ticket that are refunded.

  • Stager refund fee variable - for refunds with some payment methods, Stager charges a percentage fee.

Again, the total of these two columns has been deducted by Stager and a VAT calculation may have to be carried out to check whether the refund costs for each payment method are correct.

Overseeing costs for payouts

Costs are charged for every payment to your own bank account and you will also find these on the invoice. To check whether the correct payout costs have been calculated, count the number of payouts during the previous month on the Payouts page and multiply that by the cost for each payout

fter your Stager invoice has been checked off, it's time to dive into your accounting. Read these articles:

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