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How do I organize physical presales?
How do I organize physical presales?

How can I offer physical tickets at the presale address?

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It is possible to log into Stager from anywhere and sell tickets or make reservations - as long as you have the internet and a device. You can create users in Stager and set permissions yourself. This makes it possible to create a separate user for each presale address, who only has access to Ticketing - Door Sales, and who can sell or reserve tickets from their own location.

Does the presale address not have a ticket printer or receipt printer? No problem, there are also other options. We have listed three options for you here:

Ticket Sales through Stager

The best way to keep both you and your accountant happy; everything is directly in Stager with the correct financial data, and you are always up-to-date on how many tickets have been sold.

How does this work?

  • The presale address account can log into Stager with the username and password you set.

  • They can then select events via Ticketing - Door Sales and purchase tickets.

  • The printer at the presale address makes a door ticket, or the ticket is emailed directly to the ticket buyer.

  • Under Reports - Sales - Tickets for user, you can print an overview of all tickets that the presale address has sold.

If a visitor wants, sold tickets can be emailed directly to their email address. If a contact is selected in the door sales screen, there is a checkbox 'Email tickets to ...' to email tickets when sold.


It's a bit more work, but you can also run presale using Stager's reservation module. In this way, the presale address can also print e-tickets for the visitor, so no ticket printer is needed. You can also select the payment method Invoice, which indicates these tickets will be settled by invoice.

How does this work?

  • The presale address account can log into Stager with the username and password you set.

  • They can then select events via Ticketing - Door Sales and purchase tickets.

  • Before the payment method is chosen and payment settled, the correct contact is found under Ticketing - Door Sales, via the Select Contact button. After this, the Reserve button will also appear next to Pin and Cash.

  • If the visitor is not yet registered in Stager, they can be added using the Select Relation button and then the +New contact button. If you do not want to give the presale address access to your Contacts, arrange with them to select themselves as a contact or create a contact as an Anonymous presale.

  • The employee of the presale address then clicks on Reserve to reserve the tickets.

  • To convert the reservation into an actual sale, go to Ticketing - Reservations and select the reservation just made, and choose the employee payment method Invoice to complete the order.

  • On this screen you can also download an e-ticket, to print on plain A4 paper.

It does, of course, cost time and money to install a (Boca) printer at every presale address to print tickets. You can also place well-formatted A4 sheets at the presale addresses, so that the tickets can be printed with a normal printer and still look good. Please note that the top section of the A4 sheet remains white, so that the ticket and barcode remain clearly visible.

It is possible to deny these users permission to sell free or discounted tickets. You set this up by only giving the user permissions for 'Door Sales (regular tickets)' and not 'Door Sales (free and membership tickets)'.

If a presale address has a receipt printer, you can also print tickets with it. It is important to first set the print settings using the Chrome browser. And then reserve Chrome for selling and printing tickets using Stager, so that the printer settings are not readjusted. More information about the print settings for receipt printers can be found here in the Help Centre.

Pre-printed tickets

Does your presale address not have a printer? No problem: save the tickets in Ticketing - Door Sales - in the name of the presale address, print them out and put them there.

Afterwards, of course, you refund the unsold tickets. You do this via the Refund option in Ticketing - Ticket Management.

Checkout at the presale address

You can regularly print out a sales overview using Reports - Sales - Tickets for user, and see how many tickets are sold in a time period for a particular price by the specific user (here the presale address). You can also use this to send an invoice or payment request.

Via Tickets - Door sales - My Sales, the presale address account can also see for itself the sales made in a time period.

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