Personnel Settings

Set up personnel functions and group functions, and set standard working hours

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Under Settings - Planning - Personnel you configure all settings for planning your crew using three submenus:

  • Roles: Which functions are performed.

  • Groups: Group functions in teams such as Hospitality, Technical, Cashier.

  • Availability options: Indicate how employees can specify their availability.


Here you create all the different positions your staff can hold. Indicate which group a role belongs to, the default times a role has and whether this role should be shown by default when creating a new event. The personnel settings can be found in several places in Stager:

  • Contacts (Audiences, and individual Contacts).

  • Personnel (Week / Day overview).

  • For each event, under the Personnel tab.

  • Online environment, to confirm shifts and specify availability.

Under Marketing - Contacts you can check which function a contact can fulfil. You can search, for example, for all your bar staff. A contact also has access to the personnel login, where they can schedule themselves or make themselves available for shifts requested for a role. Read more about this under Scheduling personnel.

You can also see contacts with a position in the dropdown menu of Personnel and Event - Personnel, the modules where you schedule your teams. When scheduling a shift for a specific position, only the employees designated with that position are visible.


This is where you create groups - or teams. For each role, you indicate to which group it belongs. Each role can only belong to one group. Here you also set who is the planner of this Personnel Group by selecting a user. All shift notification emails are sent from this user's email address and employees can also send a reply to the chosen person. And don't forget to choose a colour so that your team is recognizable in the daily and weekly overviews.

Availability options

On this page you set how staff can specify their availability; for an event, or for certain hours during the event. When the time slider is off, the crew indicates its availability for the entire time period in which the event takes place, rather than for part of the day or night.

When the time slider is on, the employee can open the event using the staff login by clicking on it and then using the sliders to indicate when they are available.

By turning off the time slider, you can prevent employees from specifying their availability for specific shifts. By turning it on, you can schedule very accurately.

Availability without time slider vs with time slider:

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