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View ticket sales charts in the app
View ticket sales charts in the app

View your ticket sales for an event or a time period.

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The ticket sales for your events have started! The most important question now is: How are sales doing? The Stager app gives a quick and comprehensive overview.

In the app under Reports - Sales reports, you will find the events for which tickets have been sold.

  • Select All events

    An overview of all ticket sales in a period of 7 days or 28 days.

  • Select an event from the list

    The list shows events that have taken place recently, and in the near future.

  • Find an event via Search

    Filter by events from the list, or find events from up to 26 months ago.

Sales graphs by event

Select in the yellow bar whether you want to see the number of tickets sold (Tickets) or the turnover (Revenue) and at the top of the graph which time period you want to view, 7 days, 28 days or All (the first to the last sale). Scroll through a period using the arrows at the bottom of the graph.

Table below the graph

In the table in the left hand column you will find the number of tickets sold and the free tickets issued in this period - the period stated below the graph. This concerns both tickets sold online and tickets sold at the door. In the right hand column you will find the total number of tickets sold or given free of charge until the end of the displayed period.

Select a specific day by tapping on a bar in the graph, for example April 3, then you will find the numbers from April 3rd in the left column and the total number up to and including April 3rd in the right column. You know you've selected a particular day when the bar and dots in the table are blue. Do you want to go back to the whole period? Then click in the chart next to a bar.

The above function also applies to Revenue, only you will see the turnover instead of the number of tickets.

Sales by ticket type

Under this yellow button you will find an overview of the sales by ticket type, both the number of tickets that have been sold or issued for free, and the turnover generated by that ticket type.

Sales charts for all events

Do you have multiple events on sale? You can see how much you have sold each day, week or month. Check that at All events.

The graphs work in the same way as a specific event. Swipe your finger over the graph to select a specific day and see the values in the table.


The Bestsellers button shows the 10 top selling events in the time period you selected. In the overview you will find the number of tickets sold, and the free tickets and turnover for each event. You can click on the Full sales report which shows the event’s chart.

The numbers for imported tickets are added to Free tickets. The ticket price of an imported ticket is not known and is therefore not included in the Revenue.

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